Air Tax Back wanted to raise awareness that consumers lose £3.4 billion as airlines hold onto unpaid passengers’ taxes and charges in 2013. We conducted thorough review of ATB online profile, including advising on the website refresh and adding Twitter Cards/social tags to help tell a strong story when their website was shared via social media. we Targeted people in England who had missed flights or shown interest in air travel.

Campaign Aims

  1. Build brand awareness of Air Tax Back to the UK market;
  2. Build fans and followers on social networks;
  3. Increase website traffic (from an interested audience) to convert to applications for Taxes, Fees and Charges on unused flights.


Brand Awareness

We focused our campaign by targeting people in England (a new market) who had expressed an interest in Air Travel or had publically shared or mentioned “missed my flight” online.

Facebook: Targeted people who had “liked” specific Airlines that Air Tax Back had historically had success reclaiming taxes, fees and charges from.

Twitter: Targeted people who had mentioned “missed flight” in real time on Twitter or were following Air Tax Backs preferred airlines.

Google: Targeted people who were at that very moment searching Google for the term “missed my flight”.




Fans and Followers

Due to Facebook’s Terms and Conditions, Air Tax Back should have lost their 300 likes they started with when we changed the name of their Facebook page from the previous company name to Air Tax Back. However,  Grafform worked with Facebook to transfer the 300 likes onto the new Air Tax Back Facebook page.  We then increased their followers 7 fold over the course of both campaigns.

Grafform helped Air Tax Back grow their Twitter following from 18 followers to over 300 people interested in travel.


Website Traffic

We demonstrated that advertising increases traffic to the website and has a direct correlation with people registering and then applying for refunds. By iterating on the initial campaign Grafform worked on improving the conversion from registering on the website to applications made (where Air Tax Back gets paid).

By increasing the budget 4 fold in the 2nd campaign we generated approximately 4 times the traffic and 4 times the registrations.

But importantly, we dramatically increased the number of applications 7 fold and reduced the cost per acquisition.