Putney, London is an incredibly busy place with a lot to offer and the community find it hard to keep up with what is happening on their doorstep.

What we did?

Grafform developed an internal project called Putney Social for the good of the local community to try and make a difference to the businesses and lives of people in Putney, London.

Since 2009 we have been listening online via social media streams, because local conversations matter.

Under the Putney Social banner, Grafform visited the majority of businesses in Putney to gather as much information as possible about the business. This included estate agents, pubs and restaurants. Grafform listed all the businesses details on www.putneysocial.co.uk and created a page for each business visited.


To make this product beneficial for the people in our local community we work hard with local businesses to offer our audience the latest news, events and best deals going on in the local area.


WBA2013_highlycommendedlogo_webIn November 2013, Putney Social were nominated in the Wandsworth Business Awards for “Commitment To The Community”.
We produced a proof of concept called Putney Social, which is now currently used to promote local businesses, events deals and much more. We are always looking into ways to improve this venture as it is purely a Grafform passion project to give back to our local community!


Putney Social Snapshot 2014